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 About Graphics

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PostSubject: About Graphics   Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:21 pm

Hello! Moodz here to help teach YOU how to be a wonderful Graphics maker!

What are Graphics?

Well, graphics are multiple things. They are things such as a an avatar as the one that I have of RPattz if you look beside this post to the left < or Signatures, such as the image below this post V. Or a banner, such as the one on this site ^.

How do I made a Graphic?

Well, you need a program for sure! There are many, some free, some costly. Here are some free ones:

www.gimp.org <I mainly use that one, and you have to download a program onto your computer. Do it. It Rulez. You can do many things with this, and once you know how to use it, you will go far. Its free, and I can give you lessons at how to use it.

www.lunapic.com <I used to use this one. Its cool, and you don't have to download something onto your computer, but it has limited graphics options.

www.picnik.com <I first used that site to make my graphics. Its okay, but has plenty of stuff to use to make graphics, but its not as good as lunapic, and to get the good stuff you have to pay for a membership.

www.bannerfans.com <I have not used this that much, but I really like it. Its easy to use, has many fonts, and its better than picnik.

www.mybannermaker.com <That one is okay, its about level with picnik, but if you make a graphic, you get this little bar on the bottom of the image that ticks me off. Its okay, and like lunapic you can create an animated graphic with it, but I don't recommend it that much.

Why do I need to make a Graphic?

Well, you don't need to, but I would recommend making them. Its way fun to make them and usually really simple. Now, for just asking that, go cover yourself in meat sause and walk out to hungry dogs from India

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About Graphics
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