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 About the phantom of the opera: plot synopsis.

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PostSubject: About the phantom of the opera: plot synopsis.   Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:22 pm

The Phantom of The Opera is a gothic story combining romance, horror, mystery and tragedy, which is, according to the author, based on a true story.The original 1910 novel (Le Fantôme de l'Opéra) is set in late 19th-century Paris at the Opéra Garnier, which was built between 1857 and 1874. The film version was made in 2004.

The employees claim that the opera house is haunted by a mysterious ghost who wreaks chaos and destruction when displeased. Joseph Buquet, the lead scene shifter of the opera house, continually tells stories of how he has seen the "Opera Ghost" to the ballet girls who are very frightened of this "so-called" ghost who haunts the opera. Joseph Buquet dies a mysterious death, which the opera ballet girls immediately blame on the opera ghost.

"The Opera Ghost" or "Phantom" is actually a musical genius named Erik, who has a deformation of the face (face infection). He uses the "Ghost" facade to send the managers of the Opera House repeated threats and letters, and he wears A white mask to hide his maimed face *swoon*. Erik falls in love with a young ballet girl called Christine Daaé, after first hearing her sing.

Christine Daae Has lived in the opera House since she was small, and was born just outside of Uppsala, Sweden. Her mother died when she was six years old, and she was brought up by her father, traveling to fairs where he played the violin.
Christine was extremely close to her father, who told her Scandinavian fairy tales; a tale of the "Angel of Music" was her favorite. soon however, Christine's father passed away, and left her disconsolate. After her father's death, she was brought to live in the opera house, and trained to be a ballerina by 'Madame Giry' the dance instructor for the opera house. When Christine arrives at the Opera Garnier, she is 18 years of age.

Erik/the phantom begins to tutor Christine's singing in secret, He explains to her that he is the "Angel of Music", a heavenly spirit sent by her dead father to help her, and proceeds to give her regular voice lessons through the wall of her remote dressing room. Christine makes rapid progress in her vocal studies and mysteriously achieves a lead part on stage when the leading star and diva Carlotta, throws a tantrum and refuses to sing. Christine stuns the audience with her seemingly new vocal talent when she performs 'Think Of Me'.

un-known to her, her chilhood sweetheart Raoul (the victome de Chagny) watches in the audience and immediatly recognises her. he goes to her dressing room after the show, and is re-united with her.

Erik becomes envious of Christine's relationship with Raoul and finally appears to her in person, wearing a mask to hide his features. He takes her to his dark world beneath the opera house. Christine quickly finds that there is nothing angelic about Erik, and that he is cruel and twisted. Christine Daae is drawn to him and mystified but at the same time terrified of her Angel of Music whose rapturous voice sings songs in her head while she sleeps and whispers in her ear during day.

Christine later tells Raoul about "the phantom" and admits to him that he scares her. however she also admits that she pity's him. Rauol comforts her and sings her a romantic song "all I ask of you". *growl*

Erik overhears all of this and is really upset. (o.o he actually cries its so sad) he says "I gave you my music, helped your song take wing, and now how youve repayed me, denied me and betrayed me..." *sob* He then dissaperes for a while, to write his own opera 'Don Jaun Triumphant'.

After many romantic and sad songs, and some rubbish ones from carlotta *cringe*.....

Raoul makes a plan of action to stop "the phantom" however, this put Christine at risk. Raoul says that if christine sings the lead part in Eriks opera, erik is sure to attend, then they can capture him. Christine cant believe that Raoul is putting her at risk (I cant believe she still loves him after that) and begs him not to make her do it. Eventually, Raoul convices her its for the best.

Erik does more than just "attend" the opera, in fact he takes the leading male role, (i mean he literally takes it, he doesnt get given it) Christine begins to sing, and as soon as he comes on stage (wearing a really hot zorro costome I might add) she knows its him. Toghether they sing a rather sexy duet "point of no return".

at the end of this song however, Christine takes off the phantoms mask, and reveals the horrors of his face to everyone. He is angry at this, but takes the opportunity to kidnap Christine again. He sends the huge crystal chandelier crashing to the ground, cuasing caos and destruction to the opera hose as a diversion.

He then takes Christine back down under the opera house, to his lair. there, he puts her in a wedding dress and is about to force her to marry him. erik says: "pity comes to late, turn around and face your fate! and eternity of this (pionts to his face) before your eyes" to which she replies "this haunted face, holds no horror for me now, its in your soul that the true distortion lies". *sniff, sniff* (poor Erik)

Rauol (doing the stupid 'Im the Hero, ill save you!" act) rushes down under the opera house to Erik's lair to save Christine. When he gets there however, Erik ties him up and threatens to hang raoul if Christine doesnt marry agree to marry him.

"you try my patience" he says "make your choice!"
finally, making her decision that she doesnt want Raoul to die (though why not i dont know) she agrees to marry Erik/the phantom. She says to him: "Pitifull creature of darkness, what sort of life hve you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone!" AND THEN THEY KISS! *fangirl squeal* (should have stayed that way, stupid Raoul)

Breaking away from the kiss, Erik realises that he was wrong all along, and that he should never have tried to force Christine to love him *awww* He un-ties Rauol, and tells Christine to forget "the secret you know of the angel in hell" and lets them both go free! ( NO PHANTOM! DONT LET HER GO WITH RICH-BOY!)

meanwhile, The other employee's at the Opera House Track the phantom down, and begin searching for his underground lair. Erik just manages to escape by smashing a mirror that leads to a secret tunnel.

The phantom was never seen again, and all they found was his mask.... (DUN, DUN, DUN)

(there is loads more to it, but I cut it down to the main points)

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About the phantom of the opera: plot synopsis.
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